Montecito Medical and SwitchPoint Ventures Announce Launch of Scout Insight

Written by SwitchPoint Ventures

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Advanced decision support engine connects clients’ unique knowledge and expertise to powerful data and AI capabilities     



April 8, 2021

Nashville, Tenn. —Montecito Medical Real Estate and SwitchPoint Ventures, two leaders in their respective fields, have collaborated to develop and launch Scout Insight, a next-generation, customized decision support engine focused initially on market identification, business expansion and site selection decisions. The continually evolving platform is designed to serve organizations of all sizes across a broad spectrum of industries.

Scout Insight aggregates and synthesizes large volumes of complex information, then incorporates each client’s unique, experience-driven insights and intuition into a powerful engine fueled by artificial intelligence and machine learning. As a result, organizations can see data patterns and connections in new ways, then use this information to gain an advantage.

“Scout Insight helps organizations of all sizes make smarter, data-driven decisions,” said Blake Wylie, Chief Technology Officer for Montecito Medical. “Scout shows them in a very personalized way where to grow, where to go and how to win. Nobody else really offers anything like this.”

“When people hear the term ‘artificial intelligence,’ they mistakenly think it involves outsourcing business decisions to a supercomputer,” said Ray Guzman, CEO of SwitchPoint Ventures. “By contrast, Scout Insight puts the emphasis on clients’ intuition and experience, and then amplifies their intuition by introducing thousands of variables. The newly revealed opportunities are not only numerous but also highly relevant and unique to the client.”

Scout Insight originated from Montecito’s goal to scale its decision-making process in evaluating medical office properties around the country. “Fifteen years ago, we acquired a company that provided research related to analyzing the viability of medical markets,” said Chip Conk, CEO of Montecito. “We invested millions in enhancing this proprietary medical research and analytics system, which ultimately helped us become one of the largest privately held acquirers of medical office real estate. We wanted to take our analytical capabilities several levels higher. That’s what led us to work with SwitchPoint, a technology leader with a reputation for excellence in partnering with businesses. Scout Insight has now become a critical component in guiding our multimillion-dollar investment decisions.”

Thanks to the system’s ability to incorporate new data sets from multiple industries, Scout Insight has applications that extend far beyond medical real estate. Already, Guzman noted, the Scout Insight engine is customizing modules to serve a range of clients that include private equity groups seeking to determine which medical practices to target for investment; asset management firms; health systems aiming to grow and expand their services; an operator of outpatient addiction treatment centers seeking to take its business model to national scale; investors in self-storage properties; and a veterinary services company seeking to make the most informed decisions about entering de novo markets.

“Today, the rapidly evolving marketplace demands that businesses move nimbly if they expect to succeed,” Guzman said. “Scout Insight helps them both move quickly and make decisions with greater confidence than ever before.”


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