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SwitchPoint Ventures partners with business leaders who are inspired by the vast opportunities offered by technology. Together, we identify high-impact targets, and then design and implement custom artificial intelligence solutions to position the business for industry leadership.

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Core competency in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Business operators skilled at using artificial intelligence

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End-to-end AI solutions with minimal disruption to existing workflows

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Engagement models founded on partnership and alignment

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Rapid innovation process

Our Approach

SwitchPoint helps people and organizations achieve their highest potential through exploration, insight, and innovation. We possess a strong bias for action, thrive in complexity, and employ sophisticated tools and techniques that deliver rapid innovation. We are skilled at using artificial intelligence to improve back office processes, bolster customer experience, and develop new markets.

SwitchPoint seeks partners who embrace the colossal change that AI will bring to their industries. We offer a variety of engagement models designed to suit the preferences of our partners and the business dynamic at hand.


Diagram: Services

Provision of 'work for hire' AI consulting services in a vendor-client relationship to propel client in their industry.

Services Plus

Diagram: Services Plus

Provision of AI to a partner, coupled with a revenue share, reseller, value-based, or other business development mechanism.

Services for Equity

Diagram: Services for Equity

Provision of AI to a partner, in return for a mixture of cash and equity in the partner’s company.

Joint Venture

Diagram: Joint Venture

Formation of a new entity with a partner to introduce AI solutions into the partner’s industry and position the partner for leadership.


Diagram: Startup

Launch of a new company, often in concert with one or more partners to address a defined market.

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Our team excels in bridging the business-technology divide, having started, operated, and exited companies powered by AI. We have developed hundreds of AI applications across industries and functions. To each of our partnerships, we bring abroad array of data science techniques, as well as a practical approach to implementation. We are well versed in the art of defining an AI-based value proposition, commercial application, and proof of concept.

We look for the following characteristics in our partners:

  • Alignment of values and core ideology
  • Courage to realize a compelling vision for the future
  • Demonstrated culture of entrepreneurship and decisiveness
  • Desire to create disruptive products for a digitizing industry
  • Voluminous, high-quality, and unique data sets

SwitchPoint Is Pleased To Be Working With These Great Companies

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Model for Success

"Companies are aiming at a moving target, but there is no opting out of the imperative to go digital. The opportunities and operational benefits are too great—and the biggest risk of all is being disrupted while sitting on the sidelines."

SwitchPoint arms its partners for battle in the digital arena. Our partners supply domain expertise, market channels, and real world data. Together, we reimagine what’s possible and create products and services that hit the mark.

Recent News

DECEMBER 1, 2018

Predictive and Prescriptive Promise

With the promise of improving outcomes and cutting costs, artificial intelligence is getting plenty of attention.


OCTOBER 9, 2018

SwitchPoint Ventures, Raiven Health Team Up to Accelerate AI Efforts for Behavioral Health

Executives will help Advance Raiven’s “GPS for Patient Care” Solution, Participate in Oct. 11 Cohen Veterans Care Summit.


AUGUST 17, 2018

WPC veterans launch AI venture

Three veteran local technology executives have launched a venture focused on making artificial intelligence work for clients in a number of industries — and aiming to build a broad portfolio of equity stakes along the way.


AUGUST 14, 2018

SwitchPoint Ventures Launches Firm to Connect Companies to AI Capability and Investors to AI Opportunity

SwitchPoint Ventures, comprised of former leaders of WPC Healthcare, has launched operations with a strong portfolio of companies.


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