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We use AI to drive breakthroughs

SwitchPoint Ventures is an AI venture studio led by world-class data scientists and entrepreneurs. We partner with business leaders across industries to drive rapid and effective technological innovation.

“AI isn’t the future; it’s right now. Businesses that want to achieve their highest potential need to have a plan and a skilled partner by their side.”

Ray Guzman, CEO, SwitchPoint Ventures


Collaboration sparks our breakthroughs. You’re an expert in your industry; we’re experts in AI and data science. Together, we identify and develop AI-powered solutions that sharpen your competitive edge and create profitable commercial products.











We work with companies of all sizes.

Mature Companies

Our partners are constantly seeking ways to propel their businesses. They reject the status quo and have no time for zombie projects or dead ends. SwitchPoint’s venture studio program is designed to innovate your company with speed and efficiency while forging a brand-new revenue stream. We work closely with you to identify specific, high-value goals that can transform your business, then we handcraft an AI-powered solution and iterate until we hit the bullseye. Upon validation, we rapidly commercialize the solution in a joint venture that continues to meet your needs and sets its sights on reshaping your industry.

Early Stage Companies

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s hungry to change the world by leveraging the vast potential of technology, you’re just like us. We’re steadily on the lookout for game-changing business models that our AI superpowers can help to initiate or scale. Just as we do with more established companies, we align our interests with yours; in the case of startups, we achieve this through a mixture of cash and equity. With a fixed focus on setting you apart in the marketplace, we create unique, high-value solutions, cede intellectual property to your company, and stand by you as you leave incumbents in the dust.


We have a solid track record of unlocking pivotal opportunities for visionary corporate partners of all sizes. Check out some of our work.


Our team’s decade-long experience working together is its core strength. Together, we’ve built hundreds of AI solutions across industries and successfully managed and exited our legacy AI-powered healthcare company. With a brain trust that includes award-winning data scientists and leaders in strategy and operations, SwitchPoint knows how to rapidly innovate and deliver bottom-line impact.

Ray Guzman

Chief Executive

Nolan Rhem

Chief Operations

Damian Mingle

Chief Data

Walton Denton

Chief Business
Development Officer

Andre Louie

Vice President,

Caleb Dixon

Senior Vice President,

Shanna Belott