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Pic: Logistics Planning

Logistics Planning

Intelligent supply chain solutions offer logistics managers accurate forecasting of inventory, demand, and supply. Machine learning can be used to optimize goods delivery, with fluctuating supply and demand, without human intervention. Through adjustment of success metrics, solutions can evolve with changing conditions.

Pic: Pricing Optimization

Pricing Optimization

Machine learning uses historical data to analyze price elasticity, price variation, promotional elasticity, displacement, and forward buying. Solutions can evaluate thousands of simulations and propose combinations of products, prices, and timing most likely to maximize gross margin. Once all the scenarios are tested, solutions can deliver smart recommendations about pricing and promotions over given periods of time.

Pic: Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Machine learning solutions predict the likelihood of future behaviors with high accuracy, while simultaneously identifying the promoters and detractors of customer experience. Solutions can sift through large and complex datasets to uncover previously unknown business opportunities. Supported by data insights, merchandizers can prioritize opportunities and make effective customer-focused decisions.

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