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Occupancy and Rates

Pricing for a property is typically optimized for seasonal trends, for example beach houses or ski resorts. Identifying and understanding the impact of public holidays, conventions, or special events on occupancy levels is challenging. Machine learning solutions process multiple information sources to provide nuanced insight into occupancy patterns of the area, allowing for dynamic adjustment of pricing.

Pic: Hospitality

Reputation Management

With hospitality being a reputation-driven industry, many potential guests review a property’s social media profile prior to making a booking decision. Intelligent solutions can be crafted that collect and categorize reviews and social-media posts. Insights into property reviews give managers an opportunity to respond to prospective customers with confidence.

Pic: Hospitality

Competitive Intelligence

Solutions that review multiple data sources can inform important decisions about a property. Mapping population density and circulation data identifies underserved or oversaturated areas. Demographics and local conditions suggest properties with the greatest opportunity for success, as well as amenities and features that would be utilized by the population being served.

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