Financial Services

Pic: Financial Services

Quantitative Trading

Evolutions in computer processing have made identifying patterns in big data much easier. Machine learning can not only expedite and accelerate traditional financial analysis, but also use natural language processing solutions to evaluate companies’ public comments on earnings calls, while analyzing sentiment through word usage, speech patterns, and speech tones.

Pic: Financial Services

Wealth Management

Traditional budgeting applications are static and depict users’ financial history. These tools concentrate on recording and analyzing what has happened to capital. They are less helpful in decisions about where to go next to accumulate wealth. As an example, shopping data is regularly leveraged by advertisers and retailers to entice and sell products. This same data can be used by an individual to identify saving opportunities.

Pic: Financial Services

Risk Management

Accurate forecasts are crucial to the speed of decision-making and protection of many businesses. Financial markets can use machine learning to create exacting, nimble financial models. These predictions help experts leverage existing data to pinpoint trends and allocate resources in a way that anticipates risk and deploys proper mitigation measures.

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