Customer Experience

Pic: Customer Experience

Patient Insights

Chatbots are AI-empowered conversation agents that are used in many different customer-engagement scenarios. They simulate human interaction and provide a personalized and immediate response at any time, day or night. This minimizes delay and error in the provision of customer service. Through simple conversation, virtual assistants obey commands, answer questions, and help shoppers find the most relevant products.

Pic: Customer Experience

Predictive Personalization

Machine learning creates experiences that integrate with customers’ everyday lives. Intelligent prediction and customization tailor a brand experience to individual tastes and preferences. Machine learning solutions can assess previous purchases, inventories and buying behaviors to deliver products to a customer before they realize they are needed. Customer engagement is enhanced through anticipation of need and time savings.

Pic: Customer Experience

Customer Satisfaction

Digital activities and interactions produce vast troves of data useful for machine learning solutions. Many factors influence customer satisfaction scores, including the time between customer inquiry and response, the level of effort exerted in resolving an issue, and the wording or approach used in engaging with a customer. Where chatbots are not appropriate, these solutions can help customer service agents interact effectively.

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