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SwitchPoint aims to become the most admired company advancing business through artificial intelligence.

From time immemorial, the human race has agonized over the impact of technology. Consistently, however, we have demonstrated an uncanny ability to transform what first presents itself as a threat into an indispensable tool. At SwitchPoint, we seek to harness these tools as technology continues to evolve. We approach our work with the singular purpose of helping both people and organizations achieve their highest potential through exploration, insight, and innovation.  We focus on artificial intelligence, in particular, because we are convinced of its limitless potential. In the business context, it is applicable to every industry, every company, and every function. We seek to employ this emerging form of technology for the enrichment of not just business owners, but also employees and ultimately all individuals. We will judge the success of our efforts by the value we deliver to others.

SwitchPoint’s Core Values

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We support individual dignity by helping others achieve the highest value in their work.

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We value the confidence of others and handle information entrusted to us with care.

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We embrace using real-world observation in the form of data to guide strategy and decision-making.

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We believe that all things are connected, albeit in ways that are not always apparent. We aim to discover significant connections and employ them for the benefit of mankind.

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Just as the world has continually advanced, so shall the problems we address, the tools that we use, and the results that we achieve

Genesis of SwitchPoint

The Switchpoint Genesis from WPC Healthcare to SwitchPoint Ventures

Ray Guzman and Nolan Rhem met in 2012 as colleagues at WPC Healthcare, a Nashville-based firm primarily engaged in providing data-oriented solutions to healthcare organizations. In 2014, Damian Mingle joined WPC Healthcare as its Chief Data Scientist, further deepening the company’s artificial intelligence capabilities. 

In 2015, WPC Healthcare was acquired from its parent company through a management buyout. Subsequent to the buyout, the team led the company through a successful relaunch from the provision of professional services to SaaS-based predictive analytics. Desiring to focus on the toughest challenges, the team developed a clinical decision support solution, called ‘Condition Awareness,’ that predicted the likelihood of a given disease or condition at the point of admission to an acute care facility. This solution differentiated itself by making its prediction prior to the collection of any patient clinical data. WPC Healthcare successfully deployed the solution, with an initial focus on sepsis, in several hospitals throughout 2016. 

In April 2017, WPC Healthcare was acquired by Intermedix Corporation, then a portfolio company of Thomas H. Lee Partners.  Intermedix was subsequently acquired in May 2018 by R1 RCM (NASDAQ: RCM), a leading supplier of technology-enabled revenue cycle management services to healthcare providers. 

Driven by a passion for rapid innovation and a desire to deploy artificial intelligence capabilities across industries, Ray, Nolan and Damian decided to return to their entrepreneurial roots, culminating in the launch of SwitchPoint Ventures. Shortly after SwitchPoint's inception, Walton Denton joined the company. Walton had helped to test and integrate big data technologies in a large agricultural company and shared the team's vision for bringing artificial intelligence to multiple industries. 

Together, the team possesses a wealth of experience operationalizing data-oriented solutions across companies of all sizes – from startups to Fortune 100 companies – and operates with a mindset of rapid innovation.

SwitchPoint's Corporate Timeline

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Founders Meet

SwitchPoint founders come together as senior leaders at WPC Services

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Founders LBO

SwitchPoint founders come together as senior leaders at WPC ServicesWPC Healthcare Management buyout of WPC Services


Launch AI Product

WPC Healthcare launches offering for machine learning clinical solutions​
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WPC Healthcare Sold

WPC Healthcare acquired by Intermedix to expand analytics offering​


SwitchPoint Launch

SwitchPoint incorporates with the mission to deliver AI solutions across industries​
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SwitchPoint In Action

SwitchPoint has partnered with companies in healthcare, retail, and hospitality industries​
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