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SwitchPoint Ventures: What We Do

SwitchPoint Ventures provides data exploration services beyond traditional analysis. As a manager of portfolio companies, SwitchPoint Ventures seeks to make investments in entities with professional management teams looking to shift towards the use of exponential technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence solutions succeed when well-formulated strategies, world-class data science, and practical implementation tactics come together. SwitchPoint Ventures believes that the best AI can look like failure when it is not aligned to realize a business opportunity or sensitive to realistic operational constraints. For more than five years, the founders of SwitchPoint Ventures have been working together to deliver AI.

Together they have developed an approach to guide partners through a process that leverages the partner’s business expertise and layers in the appropriate level of AI.

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  • Ray Guzman
    Ray Guzman Chief Executive Officer


    • Nashville Health Care Council Fellow
    • TN HIMSS Board Member
    • Governor Appointee to TN Data Initiative
  • Damian Mingle
    Damian Mingle Chief Data Scientist


    • Globally Ranked Top 1% Data Scientists
    • Nashville Tech Council Data Scientist of the Year
    • Neural Network Advisory Member
    • Published Author & International Speaker
  • Nolan Rhem
    Nolan Rhem Chief Operating Officer


    • 25 Years Project Management and Operations
    • Machine Learning Implementation Expert
    • Speaker on Operationalizing Machine Learning

Investing in AI is not just realizing a financial return—
it’s about improving the human condition.


Be part of something that is about more than making money—Let’s make an impact.

Our Mission:

Sophisticated AI will increasingly influence our lives. AI will allow us to answer previously impossible questions. The answers to those questions have the potential to positively impact our future.

In the near term, SwitchPoint Ventures will be seeking talented, driven team members. Please check back for updates on career opportunities.

Photo: Data Business Teamwork

Giving Back

Sharing our experience, strength and hope with others is part of our DNA.
That’s why we founded Love To Think.

Logo: Love To Think

Love to Think is a think tank leveraging cutting-edge analytic techniques to tackle non-profits most significant challenges. Our learning and innovation platform empowers individuals and organizations to create and build breakthrough solutions by leveraging emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, behavioral economics, and strategic analysis. We combine your passion and mission with a global community of entrepreneurs, corporations, development organizations, governments, investors, and academic institutions. Together we have the necessary ingredients to create a more abundant future for all.

For more information contact us at info@lovetothink.org.

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